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Sustainable Travel and Road Safety Support for Knowsley Businesses

by Lisa Bennett

The Council’s Sustainable Travel and Road Safety Team recently visited Globe Heat Treatment Services in Kirkby to promote active travel and showcase cycling and walking opportunities in and around Knowsley.

The team provided an array of advice and support materials to employees – both those that drive to work and those that cycle.

Some employees who cycled to work weren’t aware of how many off-road routes there are for cyclists which take them away from busy roads. They were provided with cycle maps, which list all of the cycle routes across Knowsley and important safety information about staying safe when cycling. A Dr Bike maintenance session is planned for the new year where staff can have their bikes checked, and repaired if needed, by a specialist.

For those staff who drove to work, the team spoke to them about the ‘Morning After’ drink drive campaign, highlighting the dangers of driving the morning after drinking alcohol. The campaign educates people about how alcohol can stay in a person’s system for much longer than many people think and that you can still be unfit to drive the following day. Staff were given an information leaflet, a unit measure cup and a single use breathalyser to take home.

All employees took part in a virtual reality exercise where they were immersed in several different journeys, including some that ended up with disastrous consequences as a result of a driver or passenger making a mistake. They also experienced a journey from both a vehicle driver and a cyclist’s point of view which aimed to reinforce the need to give each other space and to look out for each other.

Feedback from the day was really positive. Joanne Hillard, General Manager at Globe Heat commented:

“The virtual reality session was a highlight and has really made the staff go away and think about little steps they can take on a daily basis to be safer in their cars.

“I would certainly recommend a visit from the team to any businesses. If a session like this can prevent even just one person being hurt, or worse, then they are most definitely worth attending.”

Cllr Tony Brennan, Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development said:

“Our Sustainable Travel and Road Safety Team offer a range of FREE advice and support to businesses across the borough, whether it’s creating travel plans, reducing carbon emissions, saving on travel costs for staff or improving physical wellbeing, the team has a whole suite of resources and guidance available.

“I would encourage businesses to get in touch with the team to find out more about the support available and to arrange a visit.”

'Morning After' resources
Employees find out more about active travel in Knowsley
Employees took part in a virtual reality exercise where they were immersed in several different journeys
Find out more about Knowsley Council’s STARS (Sustainable Travel and Road Safety) programme

To find out more and arrange a FREE visit to your organisation, email roadsafety@knowsley.gov.uk.

Take a look at the brochure to find out more about what’s on offer.

You can also find out more about getting around in Knowsley, whether you are walking, cycling, driving or using public transport, on the council website here.