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Overwhelming support for new Shakespeare Playhouse

by Gemma Melling

The planning application for the Shakespeare North Playhouse attracted a lot of support, both here in Knowsley and further afield.

It was given the go-ahead by Knowsley Council’s planning committee after receiving overwhelming support from local people. Here’s some of what they said:

“That there could be a centre in my home town to bring Shakespeare into the lives of many more children and adults from the community is a wonderful ambition. That Shakespeare could open up the world and its ways to them as he has to me would be a gift of incalculable value.”
“An inspirational concept and design which would be an excellent centrepiece for the regeneration of the area.”


“I fully support this application. It will be a wonderful for local young people, children and schools, the economy and much more.”



“As a resident of Prescot I know it will bring much needed visitors, funding, regeneration and will put Prescot back on the map.”
“As a lover of Shakespeare I am confident that these plans will encourage more people to love his work. From young people hearing his work performed live for the first time to more experienced theatre goers who will visit a place they had perhaps never heard of to learn more of the important historical context of the great Bard.”
“As an English Literature student, I feel this will mean students and young people will have greater access to theatre through this project. I think this offers great educational opportunities.”



“Wonderful for the people of Knowsley, Liverpool and the North West! I strongly support this.”


“This is a wonderful chance to reinvigorate the ancient and historic town of Prescot. In itself it is a great idea, but the knock on effect for the town has the potential to be tremendous by attracting more businesses and visitors to the town. Prescot should be the equal to other areas of Merseyside which enjoy a vibrant town centre atmosphere such as Woolton Village or Lark Lane. This project has the ability to deliver this. I whole heartedly support this plan and wish for it to succeed.”



“This is an exciting application that, if successful, will put Prescot on the cultural map not just in the region but nationally; the town’s rich heritage is a major asset and this project will bind its past and future together for the benefit of residents and businesses well beyond the town.”



“What a wonderful project, I fully support this!”


“The plans look great. Shakespeare North will bring so much excitement, employment and energy to Prescot! Prescot is a wonderful place with great history, and every Prescotian I talk to is full of excitement about this project. I look forward the hearing that the plans have been signed off.”



“I’m so excited that the plans are coming into fruition and Prescot will have a wonderful Shakespearean theatre and complex. I was very impressed to read that it will also include an education centre which will attract students from all over the world. Very well done Shakespeare North and all the people that made this possible.”


“What a fantastic project for both Shakespeare fans and the community in general. Look forward to its completion!”



“This will be a great addition to Prescot and will hopefully draw people to our town and make it what it once was.”



“We live in Prescot and we have been aware and supportive of this new theatre since the beginning. The location seems great, very central in Prescot and near the main shopping street. I really hope this will happen.”


“Shakespeare once wrote “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”. This is our chance to have some greatness thrust upon Prescot.”


“This is a fantastic proposal, just what the community needs. Having a theatre right in the centre of Prescot will benefit everyone but in particular children and young people. The associations with Shakespeare should be celebrated, and the educational opportunities strongly supported. As regular theatre goers it will be great to be able to walk to the theatre rather than travelling into Liverpool.”



“Apart from the historic connection, this project will put Knowsley on the cultural map, and will provide employment and educational opportunities for the young people of the borough and beyond. It will complement Liverpool’s cultural offerings in a unique way. It will also make an outstanding contribution to the visual landscape of Prescot town centre.”
“What a beautiful looking design and a brilliant project which would be such great news for the area. I fully support it.”



“What a fantastic opportunity for the Young People of Knowsley! Shakespeare is an aspect of the curriculum that so many struggle with and this will provide opportunities to watch live performances and undertake study.”


“To be or not to be, that is the question” Since the first Shakespearean theatre gave Prescotians a sense of civic pride in the late 16th century, the Town has always had a unique identity, embedded in its association with a Landmark building or Iconic Industry such as the watchmaking and Cables that followed on from the previous theatre days. How fitting that in the 21st Century there is an opportunity to breathe new life into the town and the wider borough with Shakespeare at its heart. The great man has inspired people across the Globe for Centuries, and this project can herald a true and lasting Prescot and Knowsley Renaissance.
It is my sincere hope that the planning decision is ‘To be’.”