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Support for families with children and young people affected by bereavement

by Sandra Issar

Sadly during this difficult time more children and young people are likely to experience bereavement, now Knowsley’s Educational Psychology Service has published a guide on supporting children and young people affected by bereavement.

It has helpful information about how children and young people may react depending on their age and developmental stage and the nature of the relationship they had with the person who has died.

There’s practical advice on how parents and carers can help children to understand what has happened, process their feelings and emotions and, in time, move through the grieving process.

The guide also has links to useful websites providing further expert advice and support.

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services in Knowsley, said:

 Dealing with bereavement can be a distressing and traumatic experience and in the current situation, where we are experiencing significant change and are social distancing, some of these effects can be heightened, especially with support outside the family, such as friends and schools, not able to offer comfort in the same way.


“We hope the guide produced by our professional psychologists will help provide some practical help for parents and carers whose children are affected by bereavement during these difficult times.”

There’s also a range of support to help bereaved families deal with their loss and guidance on practical arrangements following a bereavement.