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Successful community action day in Swanside

by Laura Johnston

As part of National Volunteer Week, Swanside councillors joined forces with local residents, community leaders and businesses to organise a community action day and improve Swanside.

Swanside councillors, Cllr Chris Bannon, Cllr Colin Dever and Cllr Graham Morgan began the project with identifying areas of improvements with those at St Bartholomew Churchyard and Age UK Mid Mersey Roby Hub. All of those involved wished for the improvements to make a positive impact to the users of the church and hub, as well as to the wider community.

Thirty community-spirited volunteers and local and national businesses then got on board to spend the day improving the sites. The work involved resurfacing the public pathway at the churchyard, painting fences at the Roby Hub, picking up litter and clearing vegetation – making the sites more attractive and enjoyable locations for everyone.

The fantastic businesses who helped on the community action day were Knowsley Council’s Streetscene team, Story Rail Contractors, CAS Environmental Services, Network Rail, and Huyton Lane Garage. Bellway Homes is also involved with the improvement works and will bring a sensory garden, pond and wetland area to the Roby Hub.

The effort and kind-heartedness has made a real difference to the Swanside community, and it’s a great example to others – thank you to all involved.

Volunteers at Roby Hub

Volunteers at St Bartholomew Church