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Street lighting replacement programme

by Cathy Sheel

Knowsley’s Cabinet received an update on the borough’s ambitious LED street lighting replacement programme which is set to go ahead.

Members heard there have been delays with the programme caused by the uncertainty around Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

The council’s commitment to replace standard streetlights with LED lanterns across the borough followed Knowsley’s declaration of a Climate Change Emergency in 2020. The existing street lighting currently contributes around 30% of the council’s overall CO2 emissions, with the proposed LED lighting anticipated to deliver a 40% reduction in emissions over a three-year period.

The programme will also combat rising energy costs by bringing a 50% reduction in energy bills per month – saving £558,000 and approximately 650 carbon tonnes per year.

The replacement scheme is expected to take up to three years to complete. A detailed programme delivery plan is being developed in conjunction with supplier Enerveo and will follow the planned maintenance regime based on when standard lamps were due to be swapped out.  More details on the start date for the programme will follow shortly.

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