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Strategy to shape how Knowsley will look in 2030

by Comms Team

Working with local communities, organisations that make up the Knowsley Better Together Partnership have developed a strategy for how they want Knowsley to look in 2030.

Let’s Talk 2030 is a long-term project involving on-going conversations with communities in the borough to help shape the future of Knowsley.

An improved housing offer, more vibrant town centres, a more diverse employment offer and a focus on healthy living all feature as part of the strategy.

Local residents, businesses, community groups and partners have contributed to the project, helping to better understand and capture people’s aspirations for 2030.

Let’s Talk 2030 has established that by 2030, people want Knowsley to be:
  • A place with welcoming, vibrant, well-connected neighbourhoods and town centres;
  • A place with a thriving, inclusive economy, with opportunities for people and business;
  • A place where people are active and healthy, and have access to the support they need;
  • A place where people of all ages are confident and can achieve their full potential; and,
  • A place where strong and safe communities can shape their future.

At today’s Knowsley Better Together Partnership Board meeting, the draft strategy was endorsed.

Cllr Graham Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council and Chair of the Knowsley Better Together Board, believes creating a more inclusive borough will be key to achieving these aims.

Cllr Morgan said:

“Knowsley has made huge strides over the last 15 years, attracting more residents, businesses, investors and visitors, but there remains a need to address a number of longer-term issues and inequalities in the borough. What we have seen throughout the pandemic is the overwhelming support people and organisations have for one another here in Knowsley.  This support is crucial in realising our long-term ambitions.  Our Knowsley Better Together approach – bringing people and organisations together and sharing ideas, resources and expertise – provides us with the best chance to deliver our strategy and ensuring our communities are at the very heart of everything that we do.”

The Knowsley Better Together Partnership is made up of Knowsley Council, Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group, LIVV Housing, One Knowsley, Knowsley Chamber of Commerce, Knowsley Community College, Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, and the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

You can find out more about the Knowsley 2030 strategy here.