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Stephen Graham backs No More Knives campaign

by Gemma Melling

Knowsley-born Hollywood actor Stephen Graham has joined forces with Knowsley Council to support the #nomoreknives campaign, which is helping raise awareness of the consequences of carrying a knife.

Stephen, star of Pirates of the Caribbean, Snatch and This is England, took time out from his filming schedule to pledge his support to the campaign.  His message is simple – choose life, not a knife.

Knowsley Council is working with the local policing team and Knowsley Youth Mutual to raise awareness of this important issue. Police School Liaison Officers are visiting pupils across the borough’s secondary schools to ensure they understand the dangers of carrying a knife and awareness raising is also taking place at Knowsley Youth Mutual, targeting young people aged 11-19 years.

Knife crime – the facts and consequences

 If you get caught with a knife, you could face a prison sentence of up to five years – that’s just for carrying a knife.

  • If you hurt someone with a knife, your sentence will be much longer.
  • If you do get caught and sent to prison, the impact isn’t just on you, but also your family and friends. Have you thought about how they would cope without you being around?
  • If you get convicted, you’ll have a criminal record and if you are sentenced for more than 30 months, this stays on your record for life.
  • You may find it difficult to get a job and criminal records for violence make it harder to get into college or university.
  • Plus, travel may be restricted as many countries don’t allow people into their country is they have a criminal record – even if you’re just going on holiday.
  • It is an offence to sell a knife to anyone under the age of 18 and buying a knife for someone under 18 is an offence.

Preventing knife crime is a ‘team effort’

Inspector Andy Cunningham, Knowsley’s Targeted Team Inspector, said “We know that tackling knife crime is a real team effort – whilst we have a key role in educating and enforcing, more can be achieved if we pool our resources and raise awareness through all available channels.  We are working with teachers, pupils, parents and communities to support our #nomoreknives campaign and ensure people don’t go out with a knife – the consequences are unthinkable so don’t put yourself in that position.”

Cllr Shelley Powell, Communities and Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member, added “I’m delighted to be supporting the #nomoreknives campaign as we know the devastating affect knife crime has on families and wider communities. It’s also fantastic that actor Stephen Graham is also helping us to get our message out and prevent such incidents happening here.”

Anyone with any information about knife crime or if you know someone who is carrying a knife please contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111 or report it online.