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“Spread the facts, not the virus” – campaign launches

by Guy Murphy

A new campaign aimed at younger people – spread the facts, not the virus – looks at the facts about what can be done to help beat COVID-19.

Research shows that young people want facts and clarity on how to do their bit. However, lack of visibility of messages and misinformation about the virus has resulted in younger people being confused and unsure what they should and can do to fight the virus.

The ‘Spread the facts’ campaign features young people working in the health care community. NHS workers, including young doctors, nurses and support workers, share their experiences of working throughout the pandemic.

The first of its kind to talk to young people, the initiative is a collaboration between the NHS and local councils in Cheshire and Merseyside. The campaign was co-created with young people to ensure the advertising talks in a way that makes it relevant to them. It will be seen on channels that matter to young people including Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Spotify and YouTube.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Knowsley Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said:

“The ‘Spread the Facts’ campaign is a welcome addition to Knowsley’s effort in reducing the prevalence of COVID-19. Thankfully we’ve seen a reduction in infections in recent weeks, and that’s testament to everyone in our community making a huge effort, living very differently and often sacrificing precious moments to keep others safe.

“We must keep going. Everyone wants to do the right thing, and young people are no exception.

“I’d like to thank the young medical professionals who feature in the campaign for sharing their experiences of working throughout this pandemic. Like every NHS worker, they see the brutal impact of the virus every day. Yet still they work tirelessly to deliver the best care possible in such difficult.”

Dr Oliver Dray, 26, Doctor, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“Please believe in this campaign.

“We’re all very fed up of Coronavirus but there are still short term sacrifices we all need to still make to come through this pandemic. My colleagues and I have a difficult winter ahead, and we’d greatly appreciate your support.

“Despite younger people being at a slightly lower risk, there is still a risk, and they are still vulnerable to this horrible infection. My fit and well 27 year old friend was very severely infected by COVID-19 during the first wave, he required intensive care admission. And although is on the mend he is still suffering the adverse effects of the infection.

“It doesn’t discriminate, and it can affect multiple different people, completely fit in well to those that are the most vulnerable.

“This campaign is about combating the virus and reducing the spread to others. Whilst the vaccine and positive outcome might be in sight, there’s still a good few months of winter to get through. From me, and my colleagues, please, let’s everyone keep your distance, wear a mask, wash your hands – be part of the solution.”

Find out more from the campaign website: www.spreadthefacts.co.uk