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A group of school children us a turntable for DJ-ing

School children imagine their bright futures during National Careers Week

by Emily Maguire

Pupils at St Aloysius Catholic Primary School in Huyton hosted more that 35 visitors from a diverse range of professions to inspire pupils during National Careers Week, from 4 – 9 March.

Throughout the week a series of interactive workshops took place giving pupils the chance to meet individuals from a wide array of different careers, which included hairdressers, electricians, football players and coaches, skin care professionals and property directors.  

A young boy helps a firefighter to direct a firehose

The children were able to ask the visitors questions about their career, find out what their jobs entail and how they got to where they are now.  Following a visit from a probation officer, one pupil commented “It was a career I’ve never heard of before, but I felt really inspired and I think I could do that job when I’m older.” 

A group of school children sit inside the cab of a police van.

The school’s PSHE lead Becky Colfar, who co-organised the event said:

“I’m so proud of how our children have embraced the week and represented our school. They are all eager to find out more about new career paths and know that the knowledge and skills they are learning now, will help them to achieve their dream career. We hope to build on this each year, introducing even more careers that they haven’t considered before.”

Sheryl Wrigley, Headteacher of St Aloysius Catholic Primary said:

“The impact for our children has been phenomenal and they know that we all have different talents and qualities and there are a range of opportunities and paths to achieve their career goals when they are older. Our visitors have commented on how knowledgeable our children are, the thoughtful questions they asked, and how eager and engaged they were during every session. We are so proud of our children and how amazingly they represent St Aloysius!”