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Say no to noise

by Laura Johnston

As residents are encouraged to continue spending as much time at home as possible, Knowsley Council has received an increase in noise complaints and are asking residents to be considerate of neighbours, particularly those who are elderly and vulnerable, and for those working from home or working night shifts.

For those that create a noise nuisance, it can be investigated by the council who may serve a Noise Abatement Notice.  If the notice is breached the offender may then be fined up to £5000, or alternatively if it is deemed to be anti-social behaviour, they may be issued with a fixed penalty, or prosecuted resulting in a criminal record.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Communities & Neighbourhoods said: “In order to stop the spread of coronavirus we are asking our residents to stay at home as much as possible. During these challenging times we ask that our residents be more considerate of their neighbours and communities and be aware of any excessive noise they may be making.”

While your neighbours and communities are staying at home more than usual please consider the following:


  • Groups of up to six people from different households can meet in outside public spaces or private gardens, provided social distancing is observed and you stay 2 metres away from anyone outside your household or support bubble. Please be mindful of noise levels (including music) when gathering in groups and consider your neighbours.


  • Keep it at a reasonable volume – if you can hear it outside the boundary of your property it may cause a nuisance, and keep the volume low in the evenings
  • Point speakers away from other properties
  • Try and avoid playing music for long periods of time


  • Don’t leave dogs barking outside for long periods of time – it can be distressing for the dog and those who can hear it
  • Keep your dog happy by giving them regular exercise and entertainment


  • If any DIY work is likely to be noisy, only do this during reasonable hours e.g. 10am – 5pm and minimise it where possible
  • If your property adjoins a neighbour’s wall, consider the noise impact on them
  • If you plan on doing any major work, let your neighbours know beforehand

If you would like to report issues of noise please use Knowsley Council’s website