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For the record

RSPCA Liverpool branch (Halewood) closure

by Gemma Melling

There have been some inaccurate reports in the media and comments published online about the closure of the Liverpool RSPCA branch in Halewood.

Some of these comments have incorrectly stated that Knowsley Council is responsible for the closure of the branch as part of its wider plans for the development of the East of Halewood site.

In a letter to the Chief Executive of Knowsley Council, the Secretary of the RSPCA Liverpool branch, clarifies the reasons for the closure of the branch and the facts behind this decision.

The letter confirms that Knowsley Council is not responsible for the closure of the RSPCA Liverpool branch in Halewood and in fact, the council has supported the organisation and its staff during the financial difficulties they have experienced and in making the tough decision to close the branch.

This is the letter in full:

Dear Mr Harden,


I have been made aware of a number of media comments and social media speculation about the future of our site in Halewood. Specifically, it seems to have been suggested that the reason for the closure is related to the Council’s wider plans for the East of Halewood site.


I just wanted to confirm, in writing, that this is absolutely not the case and that this is not a rumour we wish to perpetuate.


In fact, the Council has actually been incredibly supportive to our organisation whilst we experienced significant financial difficulties. The help and assistance your Officers has given has been crucial in allowing us to realise the value of our land in Halewood which will we had initially hoped would have allowed us to relocate. Unfortunately as time has progressed and we have achieved greater clarity as to our own financial position the Trustees have rightly determined that this is no longer an option for us. Despite this, the sale of our site as part of the proposed East of Halewood development remains a priority for us as it will assist us in addressing our financial liabilities referenced above.


Of course it is with regret that we have taken the decision to close this facility but we are appreciative of your input to date and for your offer of ongoing support especially towards those staff that will be affected by our decision. Please feel free to share this letter with third parties if it helps to clarify the position locally.


Yours faithfully.

John Smallwood


You can view a pdf of the letter here.

What does this now mean for the development of the site?

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