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Ronan Keating urges Knowsley residents to visit cancer awareness roadshow


Ronan Keating is urging residents to visit Cancer Research UK’s ‘Cancer Awareness Roadshow’ in Huyton this week and pledge to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle.

The roadshow will be in Huyton town centre between 10am and 4pm on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 October. The singer is behind the charity which co-founded the roadshow with CRUK.

Visitors to the roadshow are invited to fill out a pledge card setting out their plans for a healthier lifestyle – such as stopping smoking or starting to walk to work – and get information from nurses about how to make positive health changes.

Cancer Research UK nurses also provide information on how to spot cancer early, as it is much more likely to be treated successfully if picked up at an early stage, and let you know things you can do to reduce the risk of cancer.
New dad Ronan, whose Marie Keating Foundation – set up in memory of his mum Marie who died from breast cancer – sponsors the roadshow, has filled out his own pledge card vowing to “go for a run at least twice a week”.

The singer and his family founded the roadshow in partnership with Cancer Research UK in 2006 and it has since welcomed over 500,000 visitors.

Ronan said:

“Healthy living is a great way to stack the odds against cancer. Things like not smoking and keeping a healthy weight can make a big difference. I think it’s a really important message for people to think about.

“This year we’ll be inviting visitors to our roadshow to pledge to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle – it’s all about informing and empowering people to make positive changes for their health.

“I think my mum would be incredibly proud of the work my family and I have done providing face-to-face information right in the heart of communities and I’d really encourage people in Huyton to visit the roadshow.”

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Wellbeing and Customer Services said:

“If you think something’s not right, don’t ignore it – talk to someone you trust and your GP or nurse. We can make a big difference by getting any symptoms checked-out early, attending  screening appointments when invited and making small lifestyle changes, such as getting more physically active, eating a healthier diet, cutting down on alcohol and stopping smoking.

“Believe it or not, over half of people in Knowsley didn’t return their bowel screening kit and around one in three women didn’t attend for breast screening in recent years. These simple actions can save lives.”

Jessica Turner, Senior Cancer Awareness Nurse for Cancer Research UK in the North West, said:

“We are hoping to talk to men and women, young and old about the small steps we can all take to reduce the risk of cancer and about why it’s important to tell their doctor if they notice any unusual or persistent changes to their body.
“Most people we speak to go away intending to make small changes to their lifestyle which can play an important role in reducing the risk of cancer.

“We hope the pledge wall will be an extra incentive for people in Huyton and Knowsley to stick to that change as well as read about some of the other good habits others from their area are planning to switch to.

“It might be pledging to get off the bus two stops earlier and walk part way to work, to go for a jog in your lunch break or to stop smoking! Whatever it is we are here to help!”

To find out more about the Cancer Awareness Roadshow or how to reduce the risk of cancer and detect it early, visit www.cancerawarenessroadshow.org.uk or follow the North West Roadshow team on Twitter @CRUKroadshow_NW