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Roby Park Primary School secures the Wellbeing Award

by Comms Team

Roby Park Primary School in Huyton has been awarded the prestigious Wellbeing Award following a virtual assessment.

Assessors noted a real sense of belonging and a strong community approach, demonstrating the school’s ability to work effectively as a team.

Outstanding leadership is a key factor in understanding the success of the school in promoting emotional wellbeing and mental health as core to the whole school community.

The whole school community has created innovate ways of working and as a welcoming, caring supportive, safe, happy, honest and aspirational culture.

An open door policy by the senior leadership team, morning greeters at the school gate and ensuring the needs of others are listened to is very much part of how the school has achieved a shared sense of family where pupils, family and staff are confident to ask for or seek support.

Through a series of interviews with pupils, pupils highlighted a number of named trusted adults they would go to with problems, that they feel confident in asking for support , a class chart applications can be used at home to let staff know how they are feeling and they feel supported with their emotional health and mental wellbeing.

Assessors also commended the proactive approach and endless opportunities for parental engagement, effective communication between staff and parents and excellent working relationships with outside agencies.

Investment in staff wellbeing is also evident at Roby Park Primary School. Staff feel listened to and the Head Teacher has acted on a number of suggestions around managing stress and workloads, marking, introducing an ‘open door’ policy, introduced emotional coaching, mental health and wellbeing training and wellbeing is a regular agenda item in team meetings.

Despite the challenges that COVID19 has presented, the school has still successfully worked through and completed the framework developed by the National Children’s Bureau to be awarded the Wellbeing Award.

The Wellbeing Award is a nationally recognised programme and supported by charities such as the Anna Freud Centre, Young Minds, Heads Together and the Time to Change mental health campaign.

To secure the Wellbeing Award, the school demonstrated their commitment to:

  • Promoting mental health as part of every day school life.
  • Improving the emotional wellbeing of their staff and pupils.
  • Ensuring mental health problems are identified early and providing appropriate support.
  • Offering support that matches the needs of pupils and staff.
  • Raising awareness of how important mental health is.
  • Asking parents, pupils and teachers for their opinions on mental health issues.
Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said:

 “Roby Park Primary School’s assessment report is outstanding and one that the school should be extremely proud of. It is evident that emotional wellbeing and mental health is embedded throughout the school, for pupils, staff, parents / carers, Governors and the wider school community. Well done to everyone involved.”