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Roadworks in Kirkby

by Gemma Melling

In response to feedback from local people and businesses regarding the roadworks that are currently ongoing in Kirkby, the council has issued the following statement:

“There are some major road improvement schemes currently underway in Kirkby, including work at Junction 6 of the M57/Valley Road, and Hall Lane/County Road, which will ultimately increase the capacity of this route and improve accessibility to Kirkby Town Centre. This work is due to be complete in the Spring.

“Work is also underway on a scheme to construct a shared use footway/cycleway on Coopers Lane, South Boundary Road and County Road in Kirkby, due to be complete in the Summer. Once finished, this will provide a valuable off-road link for pedestrians and cyclists to Knowsley Business Park North.

“We do recognise that these important schemes are causing local delays at times and we are taking steps to minimise this wherever possible and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are exploring options to further reduce the impact that these works may be causing and we will of course continue to monitor the situation.

“The delays resulting from the above roadworks have unfortunately been compounded in the last couple of weeks due to unrelated incidents elsewhere on the highway network and also vandalism to the temporary traffic signals on Hall Lane/County Road, which caused them to default to red for safety reasons.

In addition there was power outage on Thursday 16 January which affected the traffic lights at the junction of East Lancs, Ormskirk Road and Coopers Lane which meant that traffic signals at this busy junction were intermittently going out.

“For safety reasons we took the decision to close the junction. We do recognise that this had an impact on local traffic but given the speed of the road, the safety of motorists had to be prioritised. Scottish Power worked to resolve the fault and we were able to reopen the junction on Monday 21 January.

“Unfortunately, yesterday evening (Thursday 24 January), there was a further power outage on the network which caused the traffic lights at this junction to fail once more. Again, for safety reasons, we took the decision to close the junction.

“Given the issues with the existing power supply, the council’s Highways Team have today provided an independent power supply to the traffic signals to help to mitigate any further power failures. The junction is now fully open and the traffic lights are operational (Friday 25 January).

“Given the speed of the road and volume of traffic, the safety of motorists had to be our first priority.  We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

“We would like to thank all commuters and businesses for their patience whilst we complete these works, which do represent a significant investment in the local road network and will bring enormous long term benefits to Kirkby, Knowsley and the wider City Region.”