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Retired councillors


The Leader of Knowsley Council has paid tribute to the 23 elected members who retired at this year’s local elections.

A number of those retiring councillors attended last week’s Annual Meeting, at which Cllr Andy Moorhead publicly thanked them for their service to Knowsley.

Between them they gave a total of 363 years’ service to the people of the borough.

Del Arnall (5 years’ service)
Peter Boland (6)
Bill Brennan (25)
Dave Dobbie (8)
Adam Flanders (2)
Ron Gaffney (26)
Sandra Gaffney (21)
Terry Garland (12)
Ted Grannell (25)
John Greer (10)
Allan Harvey (7)
Tony Harvey (8)
Norman Hogg (16)
Jean Keats (18)
Pauline Kelly (10)
Sammy Lee (16)
Bob Maguire (28)
Ron Round (29)
Bob Swann (22)
Graham Wright (18)