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Residents supported after structural issue at Whiston homes

by Gemma Melling

Ten households have been supported with emergency accommodation and financial support after they were forced to evacuate their homes earlier this week.

A structural issue with the row of homes on Castlewell, Whiston, came to light at the end of last week, and high winds over the weekend during Storm Arwen quickly escalated the issue.

The residents were immediately accommodated in a nearby hotel, whilst the homes were securely fenced off and 24-hour security put on site.

In order to support the families during this time, Knowsley Council have also offered hardship support to ensure that they are able to access the supplies and essentials that they need until they can retrieve their belongings. They are also working with partners to secure more suitable longer term accommodation whilst repair works are carried out.

Cllr Graham Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council, said: “I think we can all imagine just how stressful and horrible it is for these families to suddenly need to leave their homes and not even have time to collect their personal belongings. And with it being just a few weeks before Christmas, you can barely think of a worse time for this to happen.

“Both the council and partners have offered them whatever support they need in the coming days, and we’re arranging some more suitable longer-term accommodation for the families.

“We’re also working together to make the properties safe and stable as soon as possible so that the families can at least collect their essential belongings. After that, we’ll be prioritising the repair work that is needed to allow the families to return.

“We hope to be able to take some of the worries away by overseeing this work and supporting residents at every stage.”

Due to the severity of the structural issues, the council issued a Prohibition Notice on Wednesday, which prevents anyone accessing the houses, for their own safety. Once the emergency make-safe works are complete this will be reviewed.

Emergency work to stabilise the buildings is underway and the council and its partners are in contact with the residents to update them on progress.