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Reminder to local businesses about waste disposal responsibilities

by Sandra Issar

Local businesses in Knowsley are being reminded to be aware of waste disposal regulations, particularly at this time of year when people may be looking to take waste for use on bonfires.

Businesses have a legal duty to handle their waste safely and responsibly

As local business owners will know, they have a duty to ensure that any waste is handled safely and within the law. If your business transfers waste, it needs a waste carrier licence from the Environment Agency. All businesses must make sure their waste is handled safely and within the law – for example, they must not allow their waste to be illegally fly-tipped.

Please read about all the reasonable steps you must to take ensure anyone collecting your waste has the correct authorisation to do so on the council’s website.

In addition, business owners are reminded to stay vigilant and ensure that members of the public don’t take waste, particularly waste that can be used for bonfires, from their premises.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said:

“Thankfully, the majority of business owners are incredibly conscientious and diligent however, just like towns and cities across the UK, we know that there is likely to be an increase of disruptive behaviour in the coming weeks so we urge all businesses to help support us in maintaining the safety and welfare of our residents and communities. Please remain vigilant and if you wish to report any possible breaches please contact our Environmental Health Team.”

Fly-tipping hotspots are being actively monitored

 As the safety of Knowsley residents is a top priority, Environmental Health Officers will have an increased presence in the borough over the coming weeks to monitor fly-tipping hotspots.

It’s suggested that businesses remind themselves of the Environmental Protection Act, 1990, specifically section 33 and 34.  In short, businesses should have a waste contract, avoid handing waste to others unless they are sure they are authorised to take it, and avoid leaving waste outside the business premises for others to clear-up.

Knowsley Council has also produced the Business Waste Handbook which offers help and guidance to businesses in Knowsley to manage their waste and save money.

 Contact Environmental Health

 If you have any concerns or questions please email Environmental.Health@knowsley.gov.uk