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Remember, remember…the consequences of anti-social behaviour

by Nicola Appleton

As we approach the Halloween and Bonfire period Knowsley Council and key partners including Merseyside Police are reminding residents of the serious consequences of anti-social behaviour.

Incidents including vandalism and hoax calls to the police and emergency services, have serious consequences and can result in a fine, arrest, charge and potentially a criminal conviction. Residents could face arrest if they:

  • Are found with a firework, including bangers, this even includes carrying fireworks in your pockets
  • Throw or light a firework in the street – they are explosives, dangerous and could result in life-long damage or worse
  • Make a bonfire in the street
  • Throw objects at windows, doors, cars and people.
Cllr Shelley Powell, Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Communities said:

“This time of year can be exciting for some, but for others it can be an incredibly stressful and worrying time. Acts such as these can be very frightening for the elderly and very young and some so-called “tricks” can cause distress or even lead to illness.

“Parents are reminded to know what their children are doing and what they are up to. For those who engage in anti-social behaviour, our message it clear – it can’t and won’t be tolerated.”

This year also poses additional challenges as Knowsley continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it’s crucial that everyone follows the COVID guidelines and restrictions. This year Merseyside Police will be patrolling the borough to ensure residents are adhering to the guidelines. Police will be able to take action against those who break these rules, including asking people to disperse and issuing fixed penalty notices starting at £200 for those over 18 who participate in illegal gatherings.

Anyone under 18 found to be breaching guidelines could be could be returned to parents / guardian and referral made to relevant agencies regarding lack of compliance with the regulations.

Chief Inspector, Phil Mullally, Knowsley Local Policing said:

“During the Halloween and Bonfire period Merseyside Police will use all of its powers and resources to tackle anti-social behaviour. There will be increased patrols in marked and unmarked vehicles, and we will utilise our fantastic partnership work with Knowsley Security Service to access the extensive CCTV cameras that operates 24/7 across the borough to ensure the safety of our residents and communities.”