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Dog with Christmas hat on

Remember, a puppy is not just for Christmas!

by Gemma Melling

Christmas Day is just round the corner and many Knowsley residents may be thinking about buying a puppy. So here are our top tips for any would-be dog owners to ensure they take their responsibilities seriously and ensure they stay the right side of the law.

There’s also advice from the PDSA also about the things to consider when deciding whether to welcome a puppy into your home.


  • Only buy from a licensed breeder.
  • Never buy from a Puppy Farm – here the PDSA offer further guidance on how to spot a Puppy Farm.
  • Ask for the seller’s licence number and which council has licensed them (then check with the relevant council).
  • Always ask to see the puppies with the mother.
  • Never meet the seller anywhere else then at their property.
  • If a dog seems cheap there is a reason why!
  • Ask for proof of vaccinations. Medical history and microchip details. Dogs who aren’t microchipped, have no passport and no evidence of rabies inoculation will be seized and quarantined.
  • Remember that responsible breeders will ask questions to determine whether your house is suitable, whether you own other dogs or have owned in the past, whether you have young children etc.
  • Make sure your dog is chipped and has a collar – it will ensure you’re reunited quickly with him/her if it gets lost and is also a legal requirement.

For more information about buying pets at Christmas visit the PDSA website.

Finally, when walking your pooch please remember that Knowsley has a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in place which aims to ensure that Knowsley’s green spaces and wider communal areas can be enjoyed by everyone – and those failing to comply with the regulations face fines of £100. View further details of the PSPO.