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Do you know what happens to your recycling after it leaves your grey bin?

by Laura Johnston

If the answer is no, you may be interested in the theme for this year’s Recycle Week 2017 (25 September – 1 October) – Recycling, It’s Worth It!’ – which aims to show the benefits of recycling by revealing what recycled waste items can be made into.

Under the banner ‘What goes around, comes around’ the campaign shows that;

• Shampoo bottle to football shirt – It takes about 10 bottles to make enough plastic fibre to make a cool new t-shirt.
• Newspaper to newspaper – It can take as little as 7 days to make a new newspaper from an old one.
• Kitchen cleaner bottle to garden slide – The durability of recycled plastic also makes it ideal for making garden furniture, toys and even bins. In fact, your recycling bin may be made from the contents you put into it.
• Toothpaste box to sweet box  –  Recycled cardboard is a high quality material that can be used as packaging materials and boxes. Cardboard can be recycled many times without losing its strength.
• Glass jars to insulation – Recycled glass can be used to make glass wool insulation for homes, which also helps with energy efficiency.
• Aluminium drinks cans to more drinks cans – Drinks cans are melted down into ingots. Each ingot weighs 27 tonnes and contains enough metal to make 1.5 million drinks cans.

Cllr Eddie Connor, Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services said: “While Knowsley residents recycle around 37% of their waste, we could boost that figure even further by taking control of our recycling and understanding the overall benefits that recycling an item can have.

“It’s always good to know that our recycling efforts aren’t wasted and our waste materials can be recycled into really useful new items…and that’s good for the environment.”