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Pupils’ Readathon buys books for sick children

by Laura Johnston

Pupils at Halewood C of E Primary School raised an amazing £622 for brand new books to be given to children in Hospital.

The children like to read for fun so completing a ‘Readathon’ – a sponsored read – was a great way for them to enjoy themselves as well as help others.

The enthusiastic pupils read hundreds of books altogether to raise money to bring books to children who are being treated at major UK children’s hospitals. The money raised also helps make ‘storyteller’ visits happen. The young patients are able to let their imaginations run wild during the visits as well as spend time with Readathon’s brilliant ‘professional storytellers’.

Thanks to the generosity of Halewood C of E, poorly children at the hospitals will be able to choose from a wide selection of stories, from classic favourites to the latest best sellers. They are able to enjoy reading without risk of infection as each hospital’s mobile bookcase is specially made.

The idea came about because of the known benefits of reading for children during hospital stays – it offers comfort, distraction, reassurance and entertainment.

Not only did the pupils at Halewood C of E Primary School help others with the time they spent completing the Readathon; their efforts earned their school £124 worth of books, too. These were provided by Readathon in partnership with Scholastic Book Clubs to give the children more choice of books in their library.

Mr Smith, Headteacher at Halewood C of E Primary School, said: “I recommend Readathon to any teacher or librarian who wants to get their pupils reading for pleasure. Readathon creates a real buzz about books in school. I found children talking about books, sharing and swapping favourites, and genuinely motivated to read.”

Mr Smith went on to say: “An additional incentive for our pupils was knowing that the money raised would help to buy books for children in hospital. Our pupils are always motivated to help others and I am extremely proud of them for raising so much money.”

Readathon, run by Read for Good, has been motivating children to read for over 30 years and has helped more than 100,000 children in hospital to read new books. Around 3,000 schools and 750,000 pupils are involved in helping to give books to children in hospital each year.