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Mother teaching her child how to separate plastic, glass and paper waste at home

Recycle right and play your part

by Gemma Melling

We know from our Knowsley Offer consultation that many people want to do more and get involved in their local area – including looking after their neighbourhood and the planet.

There’s a ‘quick win’ to support this – by recycling more of the right materials each week.

As well as creating more room in your maroon bin, recycling the right materials in your grey bin will help to support the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill (which would reduce costs and means less waste is sitting underground) and making products from recycled materials doesn’t cost as much as making them from scratch.

There’s lots of help and support available in order to increase recycling rates across the Borough.

All recyclable materials including cans, cardboard, bottles, paper and jars all go in your grey bin, collected on a weekly basis. You can find out more about what can go in which bin here.

If you don’t have a grey bin and want to get recycling, you can order one for free here.

For items that can’t go in your grey bin, including electrical items and textiles, there are recycling facilities at the local waste recycling centres in both Huyton and Kirkby.

Plus for bulky items, you can book a bulky rubbish collection. Up to five items will be collected from your home for £24 or £48 for 6-10 items.