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Quick guide to new alcohol guidelines

by Gemma Melling

New alcohol guidelines were issued by Government earlier this year, giving you advice on how much alcohol you should be consuming as well as the health risks of excessive drinking.

You can read those guidelines in more detail but here’s our quick guide to the new alcohol advice.

  • You are safest not to regularly drink more than 14 units per week
  • If you do regularly drink 14 units of alcohol or more, this is best spread across the week over three days or more
  • Try having several drink-free days each week
  • Limit the total amount of alcohol you drink on a single occasion
  • If you are drinking on a night out, drink more slowly, drink with food and alternate alcoholic drinks with water
  • Women who are pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, are advised that the safest approach is not to drink alcohol at all
  • The risk of developing a range of illnesses (including cancers of the mouth, throat and breast) increases with any amount you drink on a regular basis

More information

More help and advice is available from www.drinkaware.co.uk