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Pupils at Halewood Academy support the #nomoreknives campaign

by Laura Johnston

As part of the commitment of partner agencies in Knowsley to support the #nomoreknives campaign, Rob Jackson, Clinician Nurse at the Royal Liverpool Hospital delivered a thought-provoking presentation to almost 400 pupils at Halewood Academy this week.

Rob highlighted the dangers of carrying a knife and the life-changing implications carrying a knife can bring to not only the individual, but their family, friends and the wider community.

Rob gives detailed examples of his day-to-day work, the types of injuries he deals with, clearly illustrating these with images taken whilst he is performing surgery.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said “Feedback from the pupils was extremely positive with many talking about the presentation throughout the rest of the day. Rob’s experiences has certainly helped to get the ‘no more knives’ message across to pupils.”

The council is working with partners including Merseyside Police, Knowsley Youth Mutual and health services to help raise awareness of the #nomoreknives campaign. The campaign has also received support from Hollywood actor, Stephen Graham who lived and was educated in Knowsley.  Stephen’s message is simple – choose life, not a knife and you can watch his message below.

Knife crime – the facts and consequences

  • If you get caught with a knife, you could face a prison sentence of up to five years – that’s just for carrying a knife.
  • If you hurt someone with a knife, your sentence will be much longer.
  • If you do get caught and sent to prison, the impact isn’t just on you, but also your family and friends. Have you thought about how they would cope without you being around?
  • If you get convicted, you’ll have a criminal record and if you are sentenced for more than 30 months, this stays on your record for life.
  • You may find it difficult to get a job and criminal records for violence make it harder to get into college or university.
  • Plus, travel may be restricted as many countries don’t allow people into their country is they have a criminal record – even if you’re just going on holiday.
  • It is an offence to sell a knife to anyone under the age of 18 and buying a knife for someone under 18 is an offence.

Anyone with any information about knife crime or if you know someone who is carrying a knife please contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111 or report it online.