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STEP Funding Secures Prescot Bypass Highways Improvements

by Laura Johnston

A new signalised junction will be introduced on Prescot Bypass to improve safety and sustainability.

 The A58 Prescot Bypass will see the construction of a new signalised junction to improve road safety and allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the carriageway.  

 The signalised junction will allow motorists to turn right in and out of Knowsley Safari Park at the junction between A58 Prescot Bypass and Knowsley Safari Park. This will help to reduce journey times as it means that motorists will no longer be required to travel along the A58 to access the M57 and A57, where it has been found that around 90% of traffic from Knowsley Safari Park travels to.

 A shared use cycleway/footway will also be constructed between Knowsley Park Lane and Knowsley Safari Park as part of the scheme. This will run from the north end of Knowsley Park Lane to the entrance of Knowsley Safari Park and will support links between the Safari Park and Prescot Town Centre by foot and by bike.

 As part of the new arrangement and to ensure that the new signal junction operates safely, a new speed limit of 40mph will be implemented on the A58.

 Work will begin on Monday 16 January and will be completed in April 2017.

See the plan for the new road facilities

 This improvement work is funded through the Sustainable Transport Enhancement Package (STEP) is a package of sustainable transport infrastructure measures that is vital to the Liverpool City Region (LCR) Growth Plan and Strategic Economic Plan (SEP). Funding from the Local Growth Fund is sought over a six period from 2015/16 to 2020/21.