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Positive outcomes for Knowsley’s Adult Social Care services

by Cathy Sheel

Knowsley’s Adults Social Care services continue to deliver positive results for Knowsley’s vulnerable residents when measured against regional and national performance levels.

Figures from the council’s Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework report show that the borough is joint top in the North West when looking at the quality of life experienced by Adult Social Care service users, and is in the top five when it comes to people having control over their daily lives.

The personalisation of support for service users and carers also outperforms regional and national averages, along with adults with learning disabilities being settled in accommodation or living independently.

To ensure that the council continues to deliver such positive outcomes, it has developed its Adult Social Care Recovery and Transformation Plan 2020-2023.

The plan details how services will be developed over the next three years and builds on the successes of the previous Transformation Plan, continuing to focus on early intervention and prevention and asset-based models of care, while exploring the new opportunities which have arisen as a result of the pandemic.

The vision set out in the plan aims to support people to live independently as much as possible, while providing high quality care where needed.

Supporting the carers of vulnerable residents is also a key priority for the council which has recently consulted residents on Knowsley’s new All Age Carers Strategy. The latest strategy – approved by Knowsley’s Cabinet this week – sets out how partners across Knowsley will work together to ensure that carers needs are supported now and, in the future, so that they can live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

The vision set out within the strategy is based on insight from carers in Knowsley and focuses on ensuring they are recognised and valued and that they receive supportive services, enabling them to have a quality of life similar to those without caring responsibilities.

Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care Cllr Sean Donnelly said: “It is excellent to see that our Adult Social Care services are performing well and achieving positive outcomes for residents.

“However we are committed to further improving our services, and this commitment can be seen in our latest Adult Social Care Recovery and Transformation Plan 2020-2023 which continues to focus on supporting people to live as independently as possible, as well as our All Age Carers Strategy which recognises, and responds to, the needs of our carers who provide invaluable support to our vulnerable residents.”