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Police Commissioner secures £203,000 to tackle domestic abuse & protect families in Knowsley

by Alison Cornmell

Knowsley has been awarded £203,000 by Merseyside’s Police Commissioner.

Emily Spurrell secured the funding from the Home Office’s Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Fund after submitting bids with partners from Knowsley including Knowsley Council, charity and social enterprise, ‘Listening Ear’ and social care and health charity, ‘Change, Grow, Live’.

The cash boost of £203,000 will be used by the Council to expand their service assessing and managing the threats posed by existing perpetrators to ensure measures are put in place to challenge their abusive behaviour and protect victims and their families. This will ensure each offender who is identified has a dedicated case worker, with another support worker allocated to their victim and family.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said:

“We are committed to supporting those who experience domestic abuse, ensuring they receive access to specialist care. However, we must also work with the perpetrators of domestic abuse in order to provide long-term support to both them, their victim and family. This funding boost will allow us to provide this crucial service in order to tackle the perpetrators behaviour and hopefully break the cycle of abuse.”

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell said: “If we are to truly tackle domestic abuse, we must stop it from happening in the first place.

“To do that, we must challenge the behaviour, attitudes and underlying issues that cause people to become abusive and violent. The right interventions at the right time can stop abuse from occurring, recurring or escalating.

“By confronting perpetrators with both the consequences of the behaviour and starting to address the underlying issues that trigger that abuse, our aim is to end the misery and suffering of their partners and children.”

The funding is part of a larger sum of £600,000 which has been awarded to Liverpool and Wirral for initiatives running until next March.

£217,000 of the funding will go to the charity Merseyside Domestic Violence Service (MDVS) and the remaining £200,000 has been given to Wirral’s multi-agency Domestic Abuse Alliance. All three projects will run for a year using the Home Office funding in addition to match funding secured by each project group.

Emily Spurrell continued: “These three projects will hopefully do just that – working to change mind-sets and patterns of behaviour among offenders to try and stop offences from taking place, protecting more families and preventing harm.

“I’m delighted to have secured this funding on behalf of these excellent projects, but this is challenging work and it takes time. This additional funding will help these projects to expand and enhance the services they can offer in the short term, but it is not the answer if we to put a stop to domestic abuse for good. Over the next eight months, I will lobby Government to commit to providing this vital funding long-term.”

If you are a Knowsley resident and are experiencing domestic abuse or believe someone you know is please contact:

Knowsley Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub
Tel: 0151 443 2600


Knowsley Early Help Hub
Freephone helpline on 0800 073 0043 and ask for your information to be passed onto the Early Help Hub and one of our staff will call you back. Or you could complete the online form by clicking the ‘ask for help and support’ on this link.


The First Step (Specialist Domestic Abuse Service)
Tel: 0151 548 3333
Website: www.thefirststep.org.uk