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Please remain patient, Care Homes tell relatives

by Gemma Melling

If you have a relative or loved one living in a residential home in Knowsley, we know you are probably keen to see them as soon as you can.

But with the safety of our most vulnerable people still at risk, our Care Homes are asking that you please be patient for a little longer.

Knowsley Council has been working closely with the homes in the borough and understands that many families are desperate to visit. Since lockdown measures are starting to be relaxed, homes are also seeing requests to reinstate visiting start to increase.

However, the advice continues to be that only essential visits should take place – meaning general family visits are still not advised.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Health & Social Care said: “I understand how hard it has been for people not to be able to see their loved ones for so long. I completely appreciate that but it is really important for people to remember that these rules are in place, first and foremost, to protect those loved ones – many of whom remain incredibly vulnerable to this virus.

“Covid-19 is still present in our communities and remains a virus that is easily passed from person to person. The risks associated with welcoming other people – even family members – into our care homes are just too great so we have to ask people to continue to be patient.”

People can have COVID19 without actually displaying symptoms so could, unknowingly, spread the virus. It’s essential to take precautions to protect your own health and prevent passing on the infection, particularly to vulnerable people.