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Pingit – a new way to pay your council bills

by Gemma Melling

Did you know, that if you visit www.knowsley.gov.uk using your smart phone or tablet to pay your Council Tax, you can now use the Pingit payment option? This gives you the flexibility to pay it whenever and wherever you are!

What is Pingit?

Pingit is a free mobile payments app launched by Barclays.  You don’t need to be a Barclays customer to use the app.  It’s a quick and convenient way to pay for items through your phone or tablet.

Making a payment is as easy as sending a text.  It enables money to be transferred instantly using a mobile phone or tablet, without the need for users to share sort codes and bank account details.

How does it work?

You send money to another mobile number or registered business in just a few taps.  That money appears almost instantly in the recipient’s account (the one they linked to Pingit).

When you visit the ‘pay for it’ section on www.knowsley.gov.uk, as well as the debit / credit card option, you will now see Pingit as a payment option. Simply download the Pingit app, register your bank details and then you can use this as a payment option.

When making a payment, simply enter the payment details (eg for Council Tax, this would be the Council Tax reference number and the amount to pay), click on Pingit in the payment page and your payment will be instantly processed.

What can it be used for?

The service can be used by individuals who can send up to £300. It could be used for small payments between friends, such as sharing restaurant bills or paying fees for school trips, or to Knowsley Council for paying your Council Tax.  Simply select Pingit as your payment option when you visit the ‘Pay for it’ section on www.knowsley.gov.uk

Who can use it?

Pingit can be used by over 16s with a UK bank account and mobile phone.  Customers do not have to bank with Barclays to use the app.

Will it cost me anything?

No, it’s free to download and free to use.

How safe is it?

The app has been developed with mobile banking security experts. Users can disable the app if their phone is lost or stolen.  Money cannot be sent without the five-digit PIN.  The bank does recommend that customers enable a general lock on their phone.

Find out more

You can find out more or download the app at Pingit.com