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Artists impression of new augmented reality experience in Huyton Village Centre

People with visual impairments asked for their views on exciting new project

by Jonathan Kearney

People with visual impairments are being encouraged to help shape a new augmented reality experience in Huyton Village Centre.

The new interactive digital experience will soon be available in the heart of the Village Centre, celebrating Huyton’s identity and allowing app users to explore its past, present and future.

The Council has worked with augmented reality specialists Gazooky Studios to develop the ‘Knowsley Dome’, which will be launched as part of Knowsley’s Borough of Culture celebrations.

The augmented reality mobile app uses cutting edge technology that will overlay visual, auditory, and other sensory information onto the real world to create an interactive experience for users, much like an Instagram filter.

Knowsley Borough Council and Immersive Developers Gazooky are seeking the views of local people with visual impairments to ensure that development of the new augmented reality experience takes into account the needs of as many people as possible.

Carmel Huddleston from Gazooky Studios, said: “We know from our research that there are people with visual impairments who may want to experience things like the Knowsley Dome. Visual impairments can lead to feeling isolated so access to our Augmented Reality Dome of Curiosities could be really valuable. It could allow people to feel more connected to their shared communal spaces and to their community. We want to ensure people with visual impairments have a voice and so we are encouraging them to be part of the development process, looking into how we can make our Augmented Reality projects accessible to them.

“People of all ages can suffer with visual impairments so we are keen for people to get in touch to take part in the research process of this new augmented reality experience.”

To register your interest email carmelh@gazookystudios.com.