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Partnerships help to tackle anti-social behaviour

by Comms Team

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting social distancing guidelines has meant that Knowsley’s Crime and Communities Team ‘Walkabout Wednesday’ haven’t been operating as usual.

Ordinarily the team, ward councillors and partners would visit specific areas and streets to knock on doors and speak with residents, face-to-face. However, the team are still tackling the issues that matter to residents and continue to visit areas in smaller numbers, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Every Wednesday we are sharing updates on what the team have been doing, and you can see last week’s here.

Wednesday 7 July

This week the Crime and Communities Team visited two areas of the borough to tackle issues of anti-social behaviour.

Following recent incidents of vandalism against buses in Kirkby, specifically on Kirkby Row and Whitefield Drive, the Crime and Communities Team has joined forces with Merseyside Police, Stagecoach and the Travelsafe Partnership to appeal to residents in the area for information. You can read more about that here.

The team also worked with Merseyside Police to visit Two Butt Lane and Sandstone Drive in Whiston, where there have been reports from residents of anti-social behaviour, alleged drug dealing and noise complaints. Visiting officers offered reassurance to residents and also urged the community to share any information they may have.

Thank you Knowsley’s Local Policing Team

A major result for Knowsley’s policing team this week was the day of action in Kirkby. Following the execution of 7 warrants in Kirkby, as well as 1 in Huyton, Merseyside Police made multiple arrests and seized drugs, thousands of pounds in cash, a shotgun, a crossbow, and quad bikes. You can read more about these results here. With members of the Volunteer Cadet Scheme a number of weapons as well as drugs were also recovered following an open land search in Tower Hill, Kirkby.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Communities, said:

“It’s fantastic to see the way our Crime and Communities Team are working so effectively with a number of different partners across our borough to tackle the issues that matter. I am committed to providing better and safer communities for our residents and we are making huge strides in making this happen.”

Talk to us…

Although the Crime and Communities Team may not be available to speak with you on your door step they encourage you to continue sharing information with them.

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour or are a victim of a crime you are encouraged to report this to Merseyside Police via 101 or online here.  However if there is anything you would like to discuss in confidence with our Crime and Communities Team please email Safer.Knowsley@knowsley.gov.uk