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Partners take action to tackle pest issues in Page Moss

by Gemma Melling

Knowsley Council arranged a ‘Day of Action’ with partners to address rat issues in Page Moss.

The council’s Environmental Health officers, Pest Control technicians and Streetscene teams along with Livv Housing Group’s housing officers and United Utilities sewer baiting teams joined forces on Thursday, 17 March in Page Moss.

The multi-agency team surveyed any evidence of pest infestations, removed places where pests can hide (such as excess rubbish which could attract pests to nest), engaged with local residents and shared information about the steps they can take to reduce pest infestations. They replaced damage wheelie bins, cleared fly tipping which could ‘invite’ to pests to nest and also undertook sewer baiting activities in the area.

Throughout the day:-

  • The Council’s Waste & Recycling Team repaired or replaced 85 bins
  • The Council’s Pest Control Service delivered treatment or gave advice to residents in 15 properties
  • The Council’s Streetscene Team removed 3.8 tones of waste from gardens
  • Livv Housing Group completed over 25 tenancy inspections for entry points for rats to enter
  • United Utilities lifted and baited 20 manholes chambers in the area

The day of action builds on the work already being undertaken across the borough to identify rat infestations and take appropriate action. This include the United Utilities sewer baiting programme which has seen 57 manholes visited in Page Moss in 2020 and a further 65 visits in Huyton and Page Moss in 2021. A further programme is now underway across the borough.

What is the council doing to tackle rat problems in Page Moss?

Knowsley Council responds to reports of pests and identifies potential sources of entry, provides information to residents and businesses about the steps they can take to reduce infestations (including the removal of rubbish and garden maintenance). Council owned land is regularly inspected, regular inspections are undertaken in food outlets and shops, local development sites are monitored. Knowsley Council also works with Registered Social Landlords and private landlords to ensure they are adequately maintaining the properties they own.

You can read more about the council’s response to tackling issues with rats here on Knowsley News – and find useful tips to help you prevent these unwanted pests in your home and garden.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said: “The council will continue to work with our partners to proactively tackle pest issues in our borough.

“There’s a number of steps we can all take to reduce pest infestations in our homes and communities.

“Today’s ‘Day of Action’ is just one of the ways we are working with our communities and partners to tackle this issue and I hope it provides some reassurance that we are listening to the issues that are impacting on our communities.”