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Parish and Town Council election results

by Gemma Melling

Counting has been completed in the 2023 Town and Parish Council elections.

The results were as follows:

Halewood Town Council: Halewood North

Peter Bradley (Labour Party): 1036 (elected)

Edna Finneran (Labour Party): 1064 (elected)

Alan John Flute (Labour Party): 1197 (elected)

Iain Scott Hamilton (Labour Party): 1132 (elected)

Suzanne Carole Harvey (Independent): 705

Andrew Ernest Hesford (Independent): 556

Chantelle Maria Lunt (Labour Party): 979 (elected)

Eric Arthur McIntosh (Independent): 541

Clare Louise Rose (Labour Party): 1134 (elected)

David Samuels (Independent Socialist): 399

Turnout: 24.0%

Halewood Town Council: Halewood South

Bradley John Arnold (Labour Party): 903 (elected)

Lili Louise Berry (Independent): 718 (elected)

Vicky Berry (Independent): 738 (elected)

Barbara Elizabeth Dunn (Independent): 1109 (elected)

Allan Michael Harvey (Independent): 870 (elected)

Joanne Christine Harvey (Independent): 969 (elected)

Mark Tempest (Independent): 612

Turnout: 23.3%

Knowsley Town Council: Knowsley Park Ward

Del Arnall (Labour Party): 207

Mark Joseph Burke (Liberal Democrats): 267 (elected)

Tony Ely (Labour Party): 225

Tommy Grierson (Labour Party): 240

Ian Smith (Liberal Democrats): 271 (elected)

Frances Elizabeth Wynn (Liberal Democrats): 265 (elected)

Turnout: 24.7%

Knowsley Town Council: Stockbridge Ward

Dennis John Baum (Labour Party): 578 (elected)

Vanessa Boateng (Labour Party): 523 (elected)

Bernie Donnelly (Labour Party): 586 (elected)

John Jason Donnelly (Labour Party): 620 (elected)

Katie Marie Gregory (Labour Party): 542 (elected)

Neil Francis Joseph (Labour Party): 512 (elected)

Lynn O’Keeffe (Labour Party): 537 (elected)

Paul William Ryan (Green Party candidate): 336

Bernadette Thompson (Labour Party): 511 (elected)

Lee Tomlinson (Labour Party): 479 (elected)

15.2% Turnout

Prescot Town Council: Prescot North Ward

Mark Joseph Burke (Liberal Democrats): 893 (elected)

David Edgar (Labour Party): 707

Jayne Anne Edgar (Labour Party): 724 (elected)

Tommy Grierson (Labour Party): 716

James Liam Madine (Liberal Democrats): 769 (elected)

Gary Eric See (Labour Party): 682

Paul Terence Shaw (Green Party candidate): 717

Ian Smith (Liberal Democrats): 850 (elected)

Marjorie Elizabeth Sommerfield (Liberal Democrats): 776 (elected)

Daniel Morgan Wilson (Green Party candidate): 725 (elected)

Frances Elizabeth Wynn (Liberal Democrats): 808 (elected)

25.1% Turnout

Whiston Town Council: Whiston North Ward

Joanne Burke (Green Party candidate): 715 (elected)

Stephen David Byron (Labour Party): 332

Amy Louise Cinnamond (Labour Party): 337

James Edward Hayter (Labour Party): 279

Tracey Hayter (Labour Party): 279

Neil Murray (Green Party candidate): 573 (elected)

Kai Anthony Taylor (Green Party candidate): 674 (elected)

Graham Clifford Wickens (Green Party candidate): 557 (elected)

28.0% Turnout

Whiston Town Council: Whiston South Ward

Denise Allen (Labour Party): 650 (elected)

Matthew Anthony Allen (Labour Party): 571

Terry Byron (Labour Party): 688 (elected)

Tina Louise Cinnamond (Labour Party): 600

Lyndsey Joyce Forrester (Labour Party): 624

Ron Gaffney (Green Party candidate): 800 (elected)

Stephen Gilbert Henry (Green Party candidate): 650 (elected)

Ann Michelle McKenna (Labour Party): 596

Eileen Margaret Melbourne (Labour Party): 574

Joanne Louise Mimnagh (Green Party candidate): 647 (elected)

Tracey Murray (Green Party candidate): 643 (elected)

Carol Ann Powell (Green Party candidate): 638 (elected)

Sheila Rees (Green Party candidate): 630 (elected)

Michael Antony Rutland (Green Party candidate): 569

Diane Mary Sedman (Labour Party): 621

Debbie Wickens (Green Party candidate): 592

Turnout: 24.1%.