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Online activities to entertain during lockdown

by Laura Johnston

Children and young people who usually attend Knowsley’s Short Breaks Service are joining in with a range of exciting activities online.

Merseyside Youth Association (MYA), which provides the Short Breaks service in Knowsley, has been regularly updating its Facebook page since the early days of lockdown with lots of new activities and videos, including crafts, sports and relaxation sessions to entertain the children and young people who usually attend their sessions.

Although all face to face sessions have been suspended due to Covid-19, MYA has continued to provide support to families and produced a vast array of fun activities through their social media channels.

Families can visit its Facebook page and also keep up to date with MYA activities on their Twitter – and Instagram accounts.

Knowsley Short Breaks service give parents or carers of a child or young person with a disability a break from their caring role. It also enables the child or young person to join in with fun activities, make friends and develop lots of different skills, including independence.

If you would like to know more about the Short Breaks service you can email shortbreaks@knowsley.gov.uk

You can also visit the Local offer page to find out information regarding support for families that have a child with an additional need.