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On the agenda at Cabinet: 27 March 2019

by Gemma Melling

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet meets on Wednesday, 27 March, at the earlier than usual time of 9.45am. Here’s our quick summary of what’s on the agenda:

Public sector housing and affordable warmth strategy

Cabinet will be asked to adopt the Private Sector Housing and Affordable Warmth Strategy. This is aimed at delivering continued improvements to the quality and quantity of private sector housing stock in the borough, to meet the needs of existing residents and attract economically active people to Knowsley. The strategy also aims to redress fuel poverty, which can have a detrimental impact on health outcomes through life.

Extra Care allocations policy

Cabinet will consider the latest policy which outlines how places in Extra Care housing schemes will be allocated in Knowsley. Extra Care housing meets the needs of people with housing, support and care needs, enabling them to either own or rent their own flats or bungalows, while receiving care support 24 hours a day. If the new policy is agreed, applicants will be asked to register on the Property Pool Plus website as well as completing an Extra Care application. They will also be required to have been living in Knowsley for at least 12 months.

Section 75 Partnership Agreement with Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group 2019/20

Cabinet will consider a draft Section 75 Agreement, securing the continuity of partnership arrangements with Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group for 2019/20.  This is part of an annual review process, ensuring the agreement is fit-for-purpose and that all parties work towards common outcomes, focussing on improving the health and wellbeing of Knowsley residents.

St Michael’s Church Conservation Area

As part of its work to conserve the heritage of the borough, the council has carried out a review of the St Michael’s Conservation Area in Huyton. Public consultation on the review and its proposals has already been carried out and the responses have helped to shape and improve the proposals.

The Conservation Area is formally designated as “Huyton Church Conservation Area” but it is recommended to change the name to “St Michael’s Church Conservation Area” to avoid confusion with another nearby conservation area and to reflect common usage.

Cabinet are being asked to adopt the Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan, to approve the change to area’s boundary and the change of name.

Community Fund 2019

Cabinet will be asked to consider a model to allocate the newly established Community Fund (formerly known as the Knowsley Better Together Fund and Environmental Challenge Fund).  The proposed model has two strands – projects and initiatives that target the council’s priorities (outlined in the Corporate Plan) and the second strand is initiatives that support the ‘safe, clean and green’ agenda. The total fund is £0.313m.

Children Scrutiny Committee – review of school absenteeism and NEET

Recommendations to help improve school attendance across Knowsley, and reduce the number of young people who leave school and are not in education, employment or training, will be put to the council’s Cabinet.

It follows an in-depth review into the issues of school absenteeism in the borough carried out by the Children’s Scrutiny Committee. Levels of young people who are classified as ‘NEET’ (not in education, employment or training) were also explored as part of the same process.

Sustainable Borough Scrutiny Committee – Review of Domestic Abuse

Members will receive an update on the findings of a scrutiny review which examined how the council and partners tackle domestic abuse. The review aimed to highlight the extent of the issue, our response to the issue, share best practice and make recommendations around what more could be done to address the issue.  The review suggests 11 recommendations around three key themes – what is working well, what could be further developed or expanded and what could we start to do – which will be considered by Cabinet.

Want more information?

All the papers for the meeting are available on the council’s website.