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New Neighbourhood Watch for Swanside

by Laura Johnston

Residents are taking action to create a safer Swanside by setting up a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

A partnership of residents, Merseyside Police, Knowsley Council and local councillors has resulted in the creation of a local scheme which brings together like-minded residents to ‘keep watch’ over their neighbourhoods and help reduce crime.

Work to set up the scheme has focused on Swanside Community Centre at Willoughby Rd, Huyton, where enthusiastic members have set up a committee and are identifying Neighbourhood Watch volunteers in roads across Swanside.

They have also secured funding for signage aimed at deterring criminals and reducing the number of incidents in the area.

Jan Owens, Swanside Community Centre Manager and Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator said: “We have a great community spirit in Swanside where we look out for, and after, each other. We wanted to be proactive and work collectively to reduce crime in our area. Our Neighbourhood Watch scheme has been very successful in attracting many volunteers. We also share information with partners and prove that working “better together” benefits everyone.”

Knowsley Council Leader Cllr Graham Morgan said: “I am fully supporting this Neighbourhood Watch scheme which will benefit many residents. We are committed to working with partners to ensure that Swanside is a safer place.”