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New law on dog microchipping

by Gemma Melling

If you own a dog, did you know that a new law has come into force today (Wednesday 6 April, 2016) which means you must have it microchipped?

If you don’t microchip your pet, you could face a fine of up to £500.

The idea is to encourage responsible dog ownership and help reunite lost dogs with their owners.

How will it work?

Knowsley Council’s dog wardens have microchip scanners and will check any dogs they come across.

If a dog hasn’t been chipped, the owner will have up to 21 days to do so or be fined.  The dog can also be microchipped and the costs recovered from the owner.

You can also face a £500 fine if your dog is not microchipped and you pass it on to a new keeper.

How do I get my dog chipped?

The council’s dog wardens hold regular microchipping sessions across the borough.

Owners can bring their pet along, without an appointment, and have them chipped free of charge.

For details of upcoming microchipping sessions, check the Knowsley Dog Warden Service Facebook page or telephone 0151 443 4712.

You can also follow the dog wardens on Twitter – @KMBCDogWarden

Alternatively, you can contact your vet or local pet charity.