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New housing service for Knowsley

by Jonathan Kearney

Knowsley Housing Options will become ‘Knowsley Housing Solutions’ from Tuesday 1 June 2021.

The current service manages housing issues such as homelessness and housing advice within the borough.

The service has been outsourced for a number of years, however from 1 June 2021 the service will be brought ‘in-house’ to become a Knowsley Council delivered service.  This change is aimed at continuing to deliver a high quality service and to help realise service improvements which will benefit Knowsley residents.

The principal change that partners and residents will notice is the way in which the service is contacted.  From 1 June 2021 the service will be contactable on 0151 443 2333 and further information will be available on www.knowsley.gov.uk/residents/housing/homelessness-housing-advice

Until the 1 June 2021 the service can be contacted in the usual way with information available on the www.knowsleyhousingoptions.org

Residents seeking advice and assistance will also be guided to complete an online form.  Where residents need help completing the form assistance will be given.  This change is aimed at ensuring the Housing Solutions Service have all the appropriate information prior to undertaking an assessment and to help them respond with the most appropriate advice.

Councillor Tony Brennan, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “Preventing and tackling homelessness while ensuring residents can access suitable and affordable housing is an important priority for Knowsley Council. The Housing Solutions Service is a vital service which prevents people becoming homeless and helps them to secure homes.”

“The Council have made the decision to bring the service back in house so we can ensure that the service is delivered in a more coordinated way with other key Council services and that residents continue to receive excellent customer service.”