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New homes increasing revenue available for Council services

by Jonathan Kearney

Housebuilding in Knowsley is helping to generate increased revenues for investment in Council services.

The Council forecast a surplus of around £724,000 from council tax collection from the current year, largely as a result of increased housebuilding.

New homes in the borough will generate additional council tax revenue estimated at £579,000 in 2021/22.  This will make more revenue available for re-investment in Council services and aid the borough’s post-COVID economic recovery.

Hundreds of new homes have been built in Knowsley over the last couple of years, as part of the borough’s ambitious growth plans.

The number of high-quality new homes will continue to significantly increase across the borough in the coming years, boosting Council revenues further. The Halsnead Garden Village development alone will deliver approximately 1,600 new homes and become the largest housing and employment site in the Liverpool City Region.

Cllr Jayne Aston, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Resources, said: “Housebuilding in Knowsley is helping to meet the demand for new housing in the borough and helping to generate a significant increase in the Council’s annual revenues. This additional revenue will help us invest more in Council services, benefiting everyone in the borough.”