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New books in Knowsley’s libraries this January

by Laura Johnston

There’s some amazing brand new releases available in libraries in Knowsley this month.

There’s mysteries, historical fictions, romance novels and more that have recently been released but if none of these catch your eye, you can discover hundreds and hundreds more by visiting your local library.

New releases

Erica James – Coming Home to Island House

Set in 1939 and when war was declared, Romily returns home to Jack, the love of her life, after going on a tour around Europe to promote her new book. Jack’s estranged family are called home when Jack becomes ill, forcing the family to put their resentments behind them. Will everyone’s issues be resolved and will Romily cope with this new life she didn’t ask for?

Kimberley Chambers – Life of Crime

Melissa thought she was the luckiest girl in the world marrying Jason, a good looking man who can easily earn money, but Melissa isn’t enjoying all of the waiting for her husband to come home or for a knock on the door. After a prison sentence, Jason wants to do one last job but while Jason loves it when the money rolls in, this game could cost everything…

Deborah Burrows – Ambulance Girls Under Fire

This is Deborah Burrows’ second book in the Ambulance Girls series which follows ambulance drivers during the Blitz. Instead of staying with her Nazi supporter husband once he came out of prison, Celia joins Simon to help a young Jewish orphan despite Simon appearing to despise her. Follow Celia’s story as she learns that one traitor can be more of a danger than any German bomber and as she learns about love.

Gerald Seymour – A Damned Serious Business

Another war related story, this novel surrounds cyberwarfare. With the new cold war raging, ‘Boot’, a case officer at the Vauxhall headquarters of M16 has a plan to deal with a young hacker who spills details about a secret meeting. The plan involves a bomb that will damage the Russian operation and after running into some issues, the mission ends up seeming impossible. It’s a battle for survival.

Jill Mansell – This Could Change Everything

This Could Change Everything is a romance novel about Essie’s complicated love life after writing a letter that went viral. Essie used to be living with Paul but because she spilled her true feelings in her letter, she moved into an attic flat, and has met Conor and Lucas. Now, she finds herself falling in love with someone she shouldn’t be.

Peter May – I’ll Keep You Safe

While promoting their luxury brand on a business trip, Niamh learns about her partner Ruairidh’s affair. Niamh watches as Ruairidh and his lover die in a car bomb then she desperately tries to find out if anyone had a grudge against him. Police don’t believe its terrorism and considers murder…with Niamh being their prime suspect.

Anna Jacobs – One Kind Man

One Kind Man is the second novel in Anna Jacobs’ Ellindale series. After Finn loses his wife and unborn child, he is finally feels ready to settle down again…until a family member dies and leaves everything to him including Heythorpe House in Ellindale. Here, Finn comes across a village of people needing jobs, an abandoned house and an 11-year-old boy call Reggie who has run away from an orphanage. After finding out Reggie was being beaten, Finn will never let him go back. As well as helping Reggie, Finn doesn’t want to turn away the hungry women from the village wanting jobs. Find out how Finn’s new busy life with lots of surprises thrown his way turns out.

Stephen Leather – The Shout

Before she’s 30, Vicky is a crew manager in the London Fire Brigade and has her whole life ahead of her. Everything changes when she suffers from serious injuries when saving a man’s life in a burning building. Vicky is forced to work with Veteran Des Farmer, also known as ‘The Grouch’ at the Fire Investigation Unit. Vicky joins him in his investigation into the deaths of young, blonde women and the answer is very close.

Carole Matthews – Million Love Songs

Million Love Songs is a feel-good story which follows Ruby’s complicated love life. Ruby is looking to enjoy single life and avoid serious relationships after splitting up with her cheating ex. However, Mason seems to be everything Ruby wants but she still feels that there is something missing. There is also Joe, a lovely man but he comes with baggage. Will Ruby figure out who it is who will make her truly happy?

If you want to get your hands on a copy of one of these books or feel inspired to check out what else is available at your local library, find out the opening times.