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New books in Knowsley’s libraries this April

by Laura Johnston

Autobiographies, thrillers, mysteries, crime, romance…you’ll be sure to find a new release in your local library this month that will take your interest.

David Baldacci – The Fallen

The Fallen is David Baldacci’s next thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling Memory Man series.

The story involves detective Amos Decker who sees flickering lights and a flame in a window from the house opposite then when he investigates, he finds two dead bodies but it’s not clear how they died. Decker can’t forget anything but can this brilliant ability solve the case?

The incident is only the tip of the iceberg and there seems to be something going on in this community, and Decker and his journalist friend Alex Jamison must do what all they can to solve this mysterious case.

Mary Higgins Clark – I’ve got My Eyes on You

In this standalone thriller, Mary Higgins Clark tells the story of 18-year-old Kerry who was found fully dressed at the bottom of a pool.

Suspects are Kerry’s boyfriend who had an argument with her before the incident and a young neighbour who was angry for not being invited to the party Kerry hosted. Though these two are the obvious suspects, is there someone else who has not been seen on the radar who should be?

While Kerry’s sister is determined to find out what happened, she needs to realise she’s putting her own life in danger…

Jo Nesbo – Macbeth

Inspector Macbeth is great at his job but is also an ex-drug addict with a troubled past, and he struggles with hallucinations and paranoia.

Success, power, money and respect are all within close reach but a man like him won’t get to top…unless he kills for it.

Helen Carey – Victory Girls

Victory Girls is the sixth book in the Lavender Road and in this book, it’s 1944 and Allied forces are making headway in Europe.

The girls have all got their own dramas going on in their life such as Helen who hasn’t heard from her fiancé in too long and Megan who is on a quest to discover the truth about her birth mother who gave her up for adoption.

Although victory is just around the corner, the fighting is not over for these strong women.

Duncan Larcombe – Prince Harry: The Inside Story

This entertaining biography tells the inside story of how Britain’s young prince has grown into the respected soldier, charitable fundraiser and national figurehead we know him as today. This book has been updated to cover Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle as well as their royal engagement that brought excitement and enjoyment across the country.

Elizabeth Gill – The Quarryman’s Wife

Nell doesn’t think life can get worse when her daughter passes away but when she becomes widowed and takes on the role of managing his quarry, life becomes all too much. Nell is also desperate for her grandson Frederick to return to where he belongs as he is being cared for by another family.

Can Nell rebuild her home and her life when all hope has been lost?

Graeme Souness – Football: My Life, My Passion

As a Glasgow Rangers icon and a Liverpool legend, Graeme Souness has a lot to say about his 50 years in professional football. The autobiography covers one of the most successful careers in the history of British football and provides an incredible insight into life as a football player, manager and pundit.

Lorna Byrne – Angels at my Fingertips

Angels at my Fingertips is the sequel to Angels in my Hair, the international best seller. This book explores how angels helped and guided Lorna Byrne through tough times, and explains how she believes her husband, who passed away, returns to visit her.

Lorna says she has been seeing and talking to angels since she was a baby, and explains her theory about the souls of loved ones returning from heaven to help and guide us.

Danielle Steel – Accidental Heroes

This thriller surrounds the fate of a former Air Force pilot, a flight attendant and a TSA agent.

After two planes depart from New York to San Fransico, the TSA agent finds a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge with a suspicious message. Who left the postcard? Are they on a flight? What does the message actually mean?

A security agent is convinced that someone on one of the planes that just departed is planning something terrible… and he’s right.

Experts, crew and passengers all become united and ultimately heroes to try avoid a tragedy – a number of futures will be changed forever because of a handful of ‘accidental heroes’.

To get your hands on any one of these titles or to find out what other great books you can get stuck into, visit your local library.