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New books in Knowsley’s libraries this February

by Laura Johnston

Libraries in Knowsley are always stocking their shelves with new books for you to get stuck into. If you’re looking to find your next great book to curl up with, here’s some of the new releases you can find at your local library…

Pam Weaver – Mother’s Day

Sunday Times bestseller, Pam Weaver, has brought out Mother’s day, a dramatic read set in 1948 as Britain is recovering from WWII. Annie is recently married, pregnant and perfectly happy…until Pam meets a woman who tells her she is her husband’s wife. The woman explains that her husband walked out on their family a year ago and now Annie must cope with her life being turned upside down. With her husband being arrested for bigamy, a baby on the way and no one to support her, Annie must look for support in unlikely places.

Joanna Trollope – An Unsuitable Match

An Unsuitable Match is a moving story about love, family and second chances by number one bestselling author Joanna Trollope. The story surrounds Rose and Tyler who have just got engaged but the pair has had trouble with partners before so their five grow-up children have strong opinions on their relationship. Rose and Tyler really want to make it work while also keeping everyone happy but can they be happy themselves?

Annie Murray – Sisters of Gold

Sisters of Gold is an emotional and nostalgic story of two sisters, Margaret and Annie, who are forced to leave their home after a scandal hits their family.  The girls go to stay with their uncle and find work but in Annie’s work at a factory, she is exposed to great horrors. What are the sisters hiding? They’ve escaped their past already before but can it be kept hidden?

Elly Griffiths – The Dark Angel

The Dark Angel is the tenth book in the Dr Ruth Galloway series and in this book, Ruth wants to escape from Norfolk and her complicated relationship with DCI Nelson. The perfect opportunity to make this happen is when a past flame, Dr Angelo Morelli, finds Roman remains and offers Ruth the role as a consultant and a trip to Italy. The trip doesn’t seem to be as relaxing as Ruth was hoping, with an earthquake and a murder that shakes up past memories.

Danielle Steel – Fall from Grace

New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel tells the story of Sydney who loses everything including her home and husband, and her freedom. Sydney ends up with no home or money after her husband dies suddenly then she finds a job in fashion despite her daughter’s warnings against it. With the loss of her husband, home, money and reputation as well as being set up by her boss and facing prison, Sydney must rebuild her life.  Find out how Sydney goes on to rebuild her career and a life that she can be proud of.

Chris Ryan – Global Strike

Charles Street is struggling to make ends meet after a mistake caused him to lose his amazing job at MI6. Then, he discovered that he can bring down the new president of the United States but also that he is being pursued by a Russian snatch squad. Strike Back hero John Porter and Regiment renegade John Bald then head to Washington with a mission – to find Charles Street before the Russians do.

Lisa Gardner – Look for Me

Look for me follows the story of a family home being turned into a crime scene; four of five members have been murdered and one sixteen-year-old girl is missing. Questions need answering – did she escape? Or does her absence mean there should be some suspicion? Detective D.D Warren and avenger Flora Dane are on the case but are both seeking different types of justice.

Cathy Kelly – The Year that Changed Everything

In this heart-warming read, three women celebrate milestone birthdays but it seems their birthdays mark the start of very significant years for the women. Ginger’s 30th turns out to be a disaster, when Sam’s waters break on her 40th she panics about motherhood, and when Callie is celebrating her 50th, someone at the door changes everything.

Fern Britton – Coming Home

Coming home is a tale by Sunday Times bestselling author Fern Britton surrounding three generations of women longing to come home to Cornwall. Ella returns to the Cornish coast to heal after her beloved grandmother, Adelaand passes. Here, Ella finds where she belongs. There is also Ella’s mother, Sennen, who left Cornwall when she was a young, single mother and left her children with her mother. Now, she returns to Cornwall herself to face what she did and try for a future with her children. But will she be welcomed back?

If none of these new releases appeal to you, you will be sure to find some books in your local library that take your interest. Find your local library on the council’s website.