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The Shakespeare North Playhouse, Prescot

National Foundations Support Shakespeare North Playhouse

by Lisa Bennett

Two major grant-making trusts have confirmed that they intend to make significant capital contributions to the Shakespeare North Playhouse in Prescot. The Foyle Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation have announced grant funding of £150,000 and £200,000 respectively.

These latest contributions will contribute towards the build costs of the Playhouse and will be combined with other philanthropic donations to the project which now total more than £1 million.

Max Steinberg CBE, Chair of the Shakespeare North Trust commented:

“Securing the financial support of such well respected foundations is such a huge boost for the project and we are delighted to have both the Foyle Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation joining us on this journey to complete the UK’s Shakespearean triangle.


“The value of both grants demonstrates the respective Foundations’ confidence in the project and in the impact it can have on Prescot and its communities. These announcements come after months of productive work with both organisations to ensure that our vision and focus for the project is fully understood. It is so important to have like-minded people and organisations working with us and we look forward to the future with support from such well-renowned charitable organisations.”

About the foundations

The Foyle Foundation is an independent grant making Trust supporting UK charities which, since its formation in 2001, has become a major funder of the Arts and Learning.  The Foundation also operates a community small grants programme and a national school library improvement scheme.

Established more than 60 years ago the Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded organisation and is one of the largest and most charitable institutions in the UK. Donating £80 million annually to a wide range of causes across the country, the Foundation has donated over £1 billion with a particular emphasis on supporting charities directly delivering services and activities to those in need and also in regions of economic disadvantage.

About The Shakespeare North Playhouse

To find out more, visit shakespearenorthplayhouse.co.uk and follow on Twitter @knowshakespeare for all of the latest news and updates.