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Knowsley Council supports National Child Sexual Exploitation Day

by Laura Johnston

For National Child Exploitation Day on 18 March 2017, Knowsley Council will be carrying out a week of activities to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and importantly, highlighting the signs to look out for.

From Monday 13 March, the council and police officers will be carrying out visits across the borough, including to care homes, takeaway establishments, and schools to help people understand what it is, know how to recognise the signs and what to do if you have any concerns for yourself or others.

Pupils from various schools across the borough will be educated about CSE in awareness talks and pupils at St Edmund Arrowsmith will begin to learn about the issue as part of their school curriculum.

It’s not just children who can benefit from learning about CSE; parents and carers of pupils will also be targeted throughout the week of action to help them understand the issue and what they can do to protect their child.

To learn about the signs and vulnerabilities of child sexual exploitation, visit listentomystory.co.uk.