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Graphic with the words "special moments are magical with an adopted child."

National Adoption Week: challenging the myths

by Sandra Issar

It’s National Adoption Week, Monday 12 to 18 October, and Knowsley Council is supporting #YOUCANADOPT to bust myths around who is eligible to adopt.

At a time when national statistics reveal that black and mixed-heritage children are disproportionately represented in the care system, #YOUCANADOPT is raising awareness that the most important characteristics for adopting a child is providing a loving, safe and stable home and that factors such as occupation, salary, the size of someone’s home, home ownership or age are not important.

People can adopt from a variety of backgrounds, including single parents, people from all religions, people from the LGBTQ+ and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. Ultimately, most people can have the qualities to be a good parent and, #YOUCANADOPT wants to support people to feel confident that they are capable to adopting.

Sinitta, singer and mum of two, said:

I would definitely encourage others to consider adoption. I always knew I wanted children and I tried everything from IVF to surrogacy to have them. All of those journeys led to heartbreak, except adoption. The feeling of finally becoming a mother was almost indescribable; it’s just everything. It was everything I wanted and more. I love my children more than anything and I always say that love is thicker than blood.”

Reflecting on her experience, adopter Fran says:

“The best thing about adopting is knowing that you’ve made a constructive change to someone’s life and that they have done the same for you. My daughter has made my parents grandparents, my brother an uncle and my friends Godparents. I’m honoured to be her mum, she is such a blessing. To anyone in the black community considering adopting I would say absolutely go for it. There are children out there who need support and love and you can add so much value and make a difference to their lives. Your situation – if you are single, married or older for example – won’t matter, if you can provide a loving and nurturing home, I’d say go for it.”

As part of AiM, the regional adoption agency for Merseyside, Knowsley Council is also highlighting that there are systems and support in place to ensure adoption can be conducted safely during the COVID pandemic. It also wants to raise awareness that the adoption process has changed over the years and there is now a lot more support available.

Want to find out more?

Join AiM’s online information webinar on Wednesday 21 October at 6pm and meet an adopter who will share their story and answer your questions plus get more information on adoption from the friendly team.

For more information about adoption, visit https://adoptioninmerseyside.co.uk/