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Morrisons in Kirkby – The Facts

by Sandra Issar

You may have seen a post on the New Kirkby Reporter Facebook group claiming that the “opening of Morrisons to be pushed back to November, ongoing dispute with council, the council want to charge you for parking while shopping”.

This post is completely inaccurate and untrue – there is absolutely no basis for the individual to have posted that story.

At a time when the people of Kirkby can look forward positively to new facilities opening in Kirkby, it is a shame that this individual is trying to create uncertainty and a poor reputation for the town in the eyes of potential investors.

The fact is that Morrisons are currently completing their internal fit-out of their new store.  Once that work is near completion, Morrisons will announce the date of their opening.  As soon as the Council has a confirmed date from them, we will share it.

The only reason why a date has not already been announced is that it might change by a few days or so – quite understandably, Morrisons want to announce a single confirmed date rather than announce a date and then possibly have to change it.

Car parking at the Morrisons store and the wider retail development is free to shoppers for up to three hours.

There are NO PARKING CHARGES and there is NO DISPUTE with the Council.

Councillor Tony Brennan, Knowsley Council’s Regeneration and Economic Development Cabinet Member, said,

“It’s really unhelpful and disappointing when groups such as the New Kirkby Reporter share completely inaccurate information.  It’s really easy to ask the Council first if there is any truth in a rumour before just publishing it.


“We want people to come and invest in Kirkby – having people completely make up negative stories works against that objective and damages the town’s prospects.  Nobody benefits from this type of nonsense.


“To be clear, the Morrisons supermarket has been built in one with the planned schedule.  Morrisons took possession of their store a few weeks again now, and they are completing their internal fit-out – again, in accordance with the schedule.


“The new retail development offers free car parking to shoppers – there will be space for up to 460 vehicles free of charge.  There has never been any suggestion or discussion around parking charges being introduced on the retail development.


“We continue to publish regular updates on www.knowsleynews.co.uk and I’d suggest residents follow this source for updates rather than reading information from people who appear to want to spread misleading stories.”