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“My bin wasn’t collected – what should I do?”

by Gemma Melling


Each week we’ll be answering one of your commonly asked questions. This week we look at bin collection…

My bin wasn’t collected – what can I do?

If you have put your bin out on your collection day and it has not been emptied you can report this and a refuse collection crew may be sent back out to your street.

Bins should be put out for collection before 7am on your collection day. They may be collected up until 3pm – so please do not report a missed bin collection before this time.

Sometimes when a large refuse collection vehicle is unable to access a street – for example when parked vehicles are obstructing their access – a smaller vehicle may be sent out later in the day to collect these bins.

After 3pm if your bin hasn’t been collected you can:

You must do this after 4pm on the collection day but no later than two days after this date.

Once you have reported the non-collection of your bin please leave your bin out for the crews to collect.

What about assisted bin collections or clinical waste?

If you usually have an assisted bin collection (where help is given to put out your bin), or if the collection which was missed is of clinical waste you aren’t currently able to report this online. Instead contact the council by telephone on 0151 443 2400.

Find out more

Read more about bin collections including what goes in each bin, when your bin collection day is and how to order a replacement bin can be found on Knowsley Council’s website.

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