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Merseytravel launch their ‘rethink’ travel campaign

by Gemma Melling

Merseytravel has this week launched their ‘rethink’ campaign following the Government’s relaxation of some measures (such as people who can’t work from home can go to work if possible) which has seen an increase in people using the transport network.

Strict social distancing measures will remain in place to prevent a second spike in infections, protect health and our NHS so space on the region’s buses, trains and ferries will be greatly reduced.

Residents are being encouraged to rethink how they travel, considering if their journey is essential and, if so, when and by what means they travel.

If you can work from home, then please continue to do so. However, if you do need to travel, then please plan your journey and take into account factors including social distancing and longer journey times.

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram said: “We all have a civic responsibility to help keep public transport available for those who really need it so I’m asking people to think about their journey including whether it really is essential, avoiding peak times and ideally use alternative ways of travelling, especially cycling and walking.

“Employers can help too, by continuing to support home working, staggered shifts and flexible working patterns wherever possible to take pressure off public transport.”

Here’s the important advice that you are asked to follow to keep services running safely:

  • Please do not travel unless you have to – Leave public transport for those that need it, cycling and walking are great ways to travel
  • Plan ahead – social distancing means that bus, rail and ferry services have limited space
  • Leave plenty of time – you might not make the service you planned to get and may need to wait for the next one
  • Check timetables – online before and on your day of travel and be prepared for changes
  • Keep cycling and walking if you can – ease the pressure on transport, stay fit and healthy and help keep our air clean
  • If you must travel, arrive early at the station, stop, or terminal in good time – this is to avoid disappointment as there may be queues
  • Avoid the peak – speak to your employer about home working, staggering shifts and flexible working patterns
  • Buy your tickets in advance – to avoid queues on the day
  • Consider multi modal ticket – such as Saveaways as these will give you more options
  • Please pay by contactless – if you can’t then have the right money ready as services can’t provide change
  • Please maintain 2m social distancing wherever possible with respect and patience – to keep yourself and others safe
  • Practice good hygiene – avoid touching surfaces, your face, and wash your hands properly both before and after your journey
  • Please be kind and respectful to transport staff – they are working really hard to get you to where you need to be
  • Be patient – as there will be social distancing measures in place both on services and in waiting areas such as bus stops, stations and ferry terminal

Further information about the ‘rethink’ campaign is available on Merseytravel’s website.