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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019: 13 to 19 May


Mental Health awareness week runs from 13 to 19 May 2019. This year’s theme is body image – how we think and feel about our bodies.

Body image issues can affect all of us at any age and there are many reasons why our body image can impact the way that we feel.

Research shows that one in three adults feel stressed about their body image and appearance, with the findings of a further study due to be published by the Mental Health Foundation following a UK-wide study around body image and mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Week is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation and since the first Mental Health Awareness Week in 2001, awareness has been raised on a range of topics including stress, relationships, loneliness, altruism, sleep, alcohol and friendship.

There are a number of things that can help you to improve your well-being and keep stress to a minimum including:

  • Talk about your feelings – when you’re upset, worried or feeling down, it can help to talk to someone. Confiding in someone is part of taking charge of your well-being and can make a big difference to how you feel.
  • Keep active – Keeping active can help you feel better in lots of different ways. It lifts your mood, improves your self-esteem and can help you get a better night’s sleep.
  • Accept who you are – Recognising and accepting how you look, what you have in your life and focusing on the things you’re good at can help you feel good about yourself and your daily life.
  • Make time – Making time to look after yourself is important, especially if you’re looking after others. It can help you to relax, recharge and focus on your own needs and help build your resilience to cope with the stresses of daily life.
  • Ask for help – If things are getting too much and you feel overwhelmed or feel you can’t cope, ask for help. Your family, friends and work colleagues may be able to offer some practical help or a listening ear.
  • Keep learning – It’s never too late to learn a new skill or take on a new challenge. It can be rewarding, help boost your self-confidence and may even help you forget about your worries for a while.
  • Eat better – Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health. It can help improve your mood, give you more energy and help you think more clearly.

Further information about Mental Health Awareness Week is available on the Mental Health Foundation website.