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Mass Testing – The Facts

by Guy Murphy

It has been reported in the media today that the “entire Liverpool City Region to get mass COVID-19 testing”.

What has been announced?

This is not an extension of the pilot programme being managed through Liverpool City Council.

Instead, 50 local authority areas across the country (including Knowsley) will be issued with a supply of lateral flow devices.  Initially, 10,000 tests of these tests will be made available for each area, followed on a weekly basis by the number of tests equivalent to 10% of the area’s population.

Lateral flow test results can be turned around quickly without the need to be processed in laboratories – usually within an hour.

The aim is to target specific residents and priority groups (the criteria are being developed and people will be invited to take part) who are not displaying symptoms (known as “asymptomatic”) and test them to see if they have COVID-19.  If they do, they can then self-isolate and ensure that they are not unknowingly spreading the virus.

Councillor Graham Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council, said: “The introduction of rapid testing within our Borough is another positive step forward in our battle against COVID-19.

Once the programme is up and running, Knowsley residents will be able to access a test even if they are not showing any symptoms.  Anyone who takes the test will receive their results in under an hour and, if the result is positive, they can then start to self-isolate, engage with Track and Trace, and help us to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The combination of regular testing and an effective Track and Trace programme are vital to us protecting our families and the most vulnerable in our communities.  I would urge all residents who have the opportunity to take a test to do so.”

Next Steps

Details regarding how the tests will be delivered are currently being worked through and we will share further details on www.knowsleynews.co.uk once confirmed.